The Perfect Fit

The Meer Bra has got your back – and your front – covered. Customizable fit ensures maximum support and comfort.

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4-way stretch

From your Saturday morning jog to a great night out with friends, feel empowered to push your limits with comfort and support you can count on. Smooth 4-way stretch fabric moves with you, contouring with your body and allowing you to push further, faster, and stronger.

Low profile 4-way stretch fabric allows for true body contouring, reducing bra visibility and increasing comfort. Internal design places forces of the bra in the best locations without compromising stretch and contouring where needed.

The bra by Meer: 4-way adjustment

4-way adjustment

Ever have #uncomfortablebraday? Eww. #neveragain. No compromise 4-way adjustment has you covered. Get your perfect customization every time you wear your bra. No matter what activity you have planned, you're covered. Adjust tension, support, and configuration on the go, anytime, for perfect support and feel no matter what your day becomes.

Explore your day and your comfort one step at a time. Loosen the adjustments for maximum agility and tighten for running, walking, and sitting for maximum comfort and support. Loosen when working out for maximum flexibility and tighten when out with friends for amazing support and comfort. With limitless adjustable configurations and tensions there's no need to wear two different bras every day – a "sports" bra to the gym, then an underwire bra to work. The Meer Bra works for you, every occasion, throughout the entire day. With total 4-way adjustment, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Period.