About Us


Founded in 2016 and based in Austin, Texas, Meer joins fashion and function to create dynamic, everyday clothing and apparel. At Meer, we're all about pushing everyday norms. Taking normal things we see around us everyday and innovating and updating them to accommodate for the wear and tear of modern-day life. That's why we created the Meer Bra. Because after months spent searching for a comfortable, everyday work-to-workout bra that didn't leave us with a uniboob only to realize that such a bra doesn't exist, we decided to take action ourselves.

The Meer Bra combines advanced, patent-pending design with everyday style and environmentally-sustainable, functional fabric. Designed by engineers, the Meer Bra gives you all the great feels of a sports bra with better support, lift and comfort than any underwire bra. And the best part? No wires.

Dial up your level of support and lift at any moment with simple adjustment. Tighten for a little extra support and lift when working out. Loosen for relaxed bliss. It's never restricting and always working with your body.

We are committed to creating high quality clothing and apparel that's both functional and fashionable. Because why compromise on fashion or function when you can have both! We want to make your life easier. No more packing extra clothes. From 8am meetings and lectures to puppy runs and yoga, if you can do it our gear will make it more fun (or suck less). Take us with you on epic road trips or let us hang with you while out with friends. Wear us during 8am Monday morning meetings and through 6pm Thursday lectures. Pack us with you for long vacations and for quick trips to the gym. With adaptable design in mind, all of our clothes are designed to be worn any time / any day for anything.


Our pledge to you.

We pledge to offer only the best products using the most sustainable practices and materials, at the most reasonable costs. You should never compromise. And neither will we. Fashion and function are more than just words to us - they're a way of life. Beyond that, our mission is simple: to create experiences that empower people to do more of what they love.

Take a look around, we're so glad you're here.