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About Us

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Based in Austin, Texas, MeerTM combines fashion and function to create high quality, everyday clothing.

We believe you should be able to start and end every day without needing a change of clothes. Gym, work, class, and everywhere in between. Merging unique and exclusive designs with responsible materials, Meer accentuates your life without compromising on your principles.

Combining exclusive design with everyday style and sustainable fabrics, the Meer Bra feels like a sports bra and works better than underwire. Designed by engineers, you'll never need a change of clothes again.

Find your support anytime by adjusting the X-bands. Tighten for a little extra support or loosen for relaxed bliss. Meer Bras are never restricting and always work with your body.

Our pledge to you.

We pledge to offer only the best products using the most sustainable practices and materials, at the most reasonable costs. You should never compromise. And neither will we. Fashion and function are more than just words to us – they're a way of life. Beyond that, our mission is simple: Create experiences that empower people to do more of what they love.

Take a look around, we're so glad you're here.

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