Meer Bra

8 Reasons You Should Buy Your Next Bra From Meer

This Austin startup seems to have found the formula that everyone is looking for: ridiculously comfortable bras that are actually supportive and look good.


1. "It's seriously comfortable."

With super soft recycled fabric, high end support, and full adjustability, we thought about ditching our other bras for good. No, seriously. Not only is the fabric super comfortable against the skin, 4-way adjustability lets you fine-tune your fit how you want it. 



2. Ache reducing and booby lifting

"With the Meer Bra I get the style that I want and the comfort that I need. And the boobies I never thought that I could have."

With unique, adjustable X-strap design, the Meer Bra provides underwire-like support without the wire.

Result = a weight off your shoulders.



3. Finally, a bra that's perfect for work and play

Meer's founders spent the last year perfecting these things with the singular aim of creating the only bra needed for work and play, and by golly, we think they've done it.

Do school, work, gym, friends, date nights, or really anything without having to remember to bring an extra bra.



4. No underwires

Underwires offer minimal results, and they're restrictive. Clearly there's a reason we remove our bras as soon as we get home – They're uncomfortable.

The Meer Bra is fashionable and functional, plus eco-friendly, so you can feel good and look good while doing good.



5. Eco-friendly, recycled materials

Using recycled materials is better for the environment, which is why Meer bras are made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles – so you can feel your best while practicing good environmental sustainability.



6. It's Doctor Endorsed

The Meer founders were looking for something to help them with back and neck pain they were experiencing from spending hours sitting at desks. Tired of not finding anything that helped, they decided to create one, and it's backed by doctors.



8. Started by a wife and husband team

Born in Austin, Meer was started by wife and husband with the goal to make bras suck less! They don't have investors or huge operations. They like to keep Meer their own unique style of weird.



Now that you know why Meer is the only choice,
what are you waiting for?