Sustainable fashion

Did you know that it takes over 5,000 gallons of water to make a simple cotton t-shirt and pair of jeans? Let me say that again - five thousand gallons for one shirt and one pair of jeans! That's crazy!

That's enough water to keep 9,100 square feet of crops alive and healthy for a full week. Or enough water to keep over 90,000 people hydrated for a day. Or enough water to run a dishwasher for 700 cycles. Or enough water to flush a toilet 3,150 times. Or enough water for 280 showers. Or enough water to run a washing machine 175 times.

That's a lot of water! And the crazy part is that only 2.5% of Earth's water is freshwater with only 0.3% accessible to humans. That 0.3% accessible water has a lot of responsibilities, and way too much of it is being used up by our clothes.

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Global shipping bites

Not-So Fun Fact: Unless you are one of the few who shops responsibly, almost all of your clothes travel 6,000+ nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean before arriving at your front door. Seriously! Check out your wash tags.

Let's be real. Almost all of today's major apparel companies go to Asia for manufacturing.  China. Thailand. South Korea. Vietnam. Indonesia. The Philippines. Malaysia. And a host of other countries most of us have never heard of before. The long journey from those countries to the US is a major contributor to green house gas emissions, wildlife death, oil spills, gray and black water contamination, and the spread of dangerous, invasive biological contaminants - including viruses, bacteria, and animals.

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It's all about fit.

Why accept fashion industry norms that provide form without function? Why accept pain caused by poorly fitting clothing and bad posture? Why allow industry stagnation to compromise your life? It is time for a change.

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Taking it to the NextLevel

We had a great time discussing the Meer Bra with a friend and doctor of ours, Dr. Steven Renlie from NextLevel Chiropractic. We met Dr. Renlie last year when we were in search of effective soft tissue treatment for our own nagging aches and injuries. He's been our soft tissue guru ever since.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Dr. Renlie and get his input on the Meer bra. 

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Get your FREE Meer Bra!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We're glad to have you.

We set out to design a new bra to conquer all other bras! Our mission was simple - create a cute, functional bra which can be worn all-day, everyday, for any occasion. What we ended up with is even better than expected! Sign up now to win your posture enhancing, ache preventing, booby lifting, fully customizable, only bra needed for work and play!

Winning your FREE Meer bra is super simple.

Just sign up below to join our growing community. After signing up, you will receive a unique code that can be shared with friends on social media. Share once, twice, or as many times as you want. The more friends that successfully sign up with your unique code, the higher on the leaderboard you move. The top 25 on the leaderboard get a free Meer bra. It's that simple.

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Jump in with your whole heart

Rounds of samples and prototypes. Check.

Countless hours spent in front of a sewing machine and drawing board. Double check!

Prints, fabric, sliders, straps, and all other materials sourced. Yep!

Size grading complete. You know it.

Vendors all lined up. That's a ten-four. 

Manufacturing streamlined and buzzing ready for your order. Always!

The journey to create something new is always harder and takes longer than you think it will. At least that's what we've found. What began as a little side project almost a year ago has turned into a full fledged obsession. We've made great friendships along the way, triumphed in the face of overwhelming odds, and created a product we're truly proud of. We've learned, grown, and fought to create an amazing company and product.

Having started with nothing and deciding to forego investors completely in favor of keeping our own unique, approach, style, and identity, we can truly say this experience has been one-in-a-kind amazing!

To those of you with a dream that think you're ready to take the leap, we know it can be scary, but you'll never know what you have until you try with your whole heart! Jump in 100% and never look back! That's what we did and it hasn't disappointed us yet!

Matt DeIulio
Meet the eco Superstar of fabrics

Harvested from Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is #TheSuperstar of fabrics. Eucalyptus trees are typically grown on low-grade land and don't waste valuable resources - they only consume a fraction of the water, fertilizer, and equipment needed to produce other fabrics like cotton. Up to five times more efficient than cotton, with insane draping ability, and great strength, using Tencel in the Meer bra was a no brainer!

Matt DeIulio
Find your #BetterNeutral

It's no surprise that 80% of Americans experience back pain considering that we spend an average of half our waking hours sitting behind desks, in traffic, eating, and relaxing. It is estimated that back pain is second only to the common cold as the reason patients cite for seeking medical care in the US. 

And while 31,000,000 people in America are actively suffering from back pain right now, the truly horrifying statistic is for those that aren't experiencing any pain. Medical reports show that 64 percent of those without any back pain suffer from a vertebral bulge, protrusion, or extrusion which can be seen on an MRI! 

Time for better posture, ya'll!

Matt DeIulio
Beyond the gym

We recently got our hands on an awesome scientific study conducted by a leading research group this year about the activewear market worldwide and its future growth expectations...

Matt DeIulio

With our second prototype complete, testing and final validation are critical.  Final adjustments now save us all a headache down the road. 

Matt DeIulio

Launch day is inching closer! Fabrics are sourced, initial design templates complete, and our Mark II prototype is in hand and being inspected and tested in anticipation of a planned (potentially final) round of updates.

Matt DeIulio
It's all about comfort.

Perfecting the little things allows one to achieve greatness. The journey to create revolutionary change requires focused strategy and dedicated execution, drive and passion, and attention to even the smallest details.  

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Dial in Your Fit

One thing's for sure, with the Meer bra you never have to worry about finding the right level of support again. Dial in your fit any time, anywhere, for any situation. Period.

Tighten the straps for amazing lift and snug support and feel.  Loosen for couch surfing and when you just don't need that extra support.

Matt DeIulio
Fashion + Function

At Meer we set out to reinvent clothing in a thoughtful way, reimagining fit so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Matt DeIulio