It's time for a Revolution

We believe clothing should not only be exceptionally comfortable but also highly functional - otherwise why wear it? In early 2016, we set out to design a bra capable of achieving new functional norms while setting a new industry standard for innovation and design. And have we ever! The final product is even better than we could have imagined.

Introducing the Meer Bra. 

Designed to fit your adaptive lifestyle, our bra is up for any challenge. With complete four-way adjustability and a legion of local supporters already coming back with rave reviews, the fit is perfect for all activities (and we mean ALL activities).  

Dial in your fit at any time during the day to exactly match your needs. Adjusting any of the four adjustments of the bra allows you to radically change the fit and feel of your experience. Tighten for an uplifting shoulder refresher. Loosen for a relaxed (yet secure) feel.

Join us in starting a true fashion revolution!! We would if we were in your shoes!

Adriana Arispe