Jump in with your whole heart

The journey to create something new is always harder and takes longer than you think it will. At least that's what we've found. What began as a little side project almost a year ago has turned into a full fledged obsession. Having started from scratch and deciding to forego investors completely in favor of keeping our own unique, approach, style, and identity, we can truly say this experience has been one-of-a-kind amazing!

To those of you with a dream who are ready to take the leap, we know it can be scary, but you'll never know what you have until you try with your whole heart. Jump in 100% and never look back. That's what we did and the journey has yet to disappoint!

Rounds of samples and prototypes. Check.

Countless hours spent in front of a sewing machine and drawing board. Double check!

Prints, fabric, sliders, straps, and all other materials sourced. Yep!

Size grading complete. You know it.

Vendors all lined up. That's a ten-four. 

Manufacturing streamlined and buzzing ready for your order. Always!

Adriana Arispe