Find your #BetterNeutral

It's no surprise that 80% of Americans experience back pain considering that we spend an average of half our waking hours sitting behind desks, in traffic, eating, and relaxing. It is estimated that back pain is second only to the common cold as the reason patients cite for seeking medical care in the US. 

And while 31,000,000 people in America are actively suffering from back pain right now, the truly horrifying statistic is for those that aren't experiencing any pain. Medical reports show that 64 percent of those without any back pain suffer from a vertebral bulge, protrusion, or extrusion which can be seen on an MRI! 

Time for better posture, ya'll! Research shows that by keeping the back upright with shoulders positioned comfortably below the ears you achieve far better neutral alignment of the spine which reduces nagging back pain and leads to a happier life. Just a few weeks of better posture can lead to reduced back inflammation, lessened vertebral misalignment, and a better quality of life.

With this in mind, we spent months searching for the best posture-enhancing products on the market to help with our own back pain. Between various posture straps, creams, ice packs, lumbar support, and professional physical therapy devices, we really tried everything.  You name it, we tried it! 

And while we felt better using some products, the relief was always temporary. Nagging pain returned within a few days - sometimes worse than before. The problem was that we didn't want to actually use the products we'd bought more than we absolutely had to.

Nearly ready to give up, we decided to try our own hand in designing a better solution. We knew that we would need to satisfy two key requirements for a great product: (1) great support that actually makes a difference, and (2) all day wearability. Enter Meer Bra.

After months of at-home prototyping and working with third party companies, we created a solution that has worked to get us to a better neutral. While the early prototypes were hardly ready to share, over time we refined and honed every aspect of our bra to get the best results without looking like the tacky posture products of yesteryear.

The Meer Bra has worked for us. See what the Meer Bra can do for you.

Adriana Arispe