Meet the eco Superstar of fabrics

Want to meet an amazing fabric? Check out Tencel - a little known, insanely eco-friendly material that reduces landfill waste, saves environmental resources, and feels amazing against the skin. Who knew one fabric could do so much!

Tencel - the #SuperstarOfFabrics

Tencel - the #SuperstarOfFabrics

Harvested from Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is #TheSuperstar of fabrics. Eucalyptus trees consume only a fraction of the water, fertilizer, and equipment needed to produce other fabrics like cotton. Up to five times more efficient than cotton production, with insane draping ability, and great strength, using Tencel in the Meer Bra was a no brainer!

Lightweight, biodegradable, renewable, produced in a closed loop system which only uses recycled water, and comfortable, we're surprised that we don't see Tencel in more clothing. Like, seriously! Tencel is amazing and deserves it's place in your closet.

Adriana Arispe