Sustainable fashion

Did you know it takes over 5,000 gallons of water to make a simple cotton t-shirt and pair of jeans? Five thousand gallons for one shirt and one pair of jeans! That's crazy.

That's enough water to keep 9,100 square feet of crops alive for a full week. Or drinking water for over 90,000 people a day. Or enough water to run a dishwasher 700 cycles. Or flush a toilet 3,150 times. Or to take 280 showers. Or to run a washing machine 175 times.

That's a lot of water. And the crazy part is that only 2.5% of Earth's water is freshwater with only 0.3% accessible to humans. That 0.3% accessible water has a lot of responsibilities, and way too much of it is being used up by our clothes.

Below are a few simple tips to make your clothes last longer and reduce your water footprint.

Wash Less Often - washing your clothes too frequently is wasteful and can destroy the fabrics in your clothes. Detergents are often harmful to the environment and damage clothes. High water usage taxes our natural resources. Most clothes, particularly jeans and heavier items, only need a good airing between uses.

Air Dry - drying clothes in the sun (or shade) reduces fatigue and extends their life. A quick iron over air dried, wrinkled pants will give you more wear from your clothes. By adding a mere 15% lifespan to your favorite jeans, you could be saving 750 gallons of water.

Read Care Instructions - it's obviously not fun to read tiny labels, but simply following the instructions can extend the life of your clothes, further reducing your water footprint. Remove stains before washing. Cold water and detergent will do the trick. 

Washing Machine Settings - be sure to use the appropriate settings for your clothes. Spinning on the highest setting will shorten your clothes lifespan. Cold water washes are usually the best. Plus they save energy. Some machines have eco settings, so make sure to switch over to that to save water.

We designed our bras from materials that don't require constant washing. Go to the gym, then class or work, and then out with friends - all while wearing the same bra. Our natural biomass treatments fight off odors and bacteria, keeping you smelling fresh and minimizing your water footprint. #wearresponsibleclothing

Adriana Arispe