Quick Update

Hi Meer lovers!

We can't thank you all enough for the amazing support we've been receiving. Seriously, ya'll are amazing.

So good in fact that we can't keep up. Literally! We've sold out of most sizes and styles of the Meer Bra multiple times. Every time we get a new batch, they're gone before we know what hit us.

February changes all of that. We are working around the clock to expand production and introduce new cuts and styles without sacrificing our core tenants - quality, innovation, customer service, and environmental consciousness. By the end of February the days of "sold out" will be old news! Expect new cuts, new styles, new colors, and all of the great Meer comfort you've come to love :)

Whether you're a returning shopper or here for the first time, shoot us an email with the size and style you want. Our team is happy to send you a personal notification when we get your bra in stock. Really, we want to hear from you and make sure you can get one of our bras.

I could not rave about this bra more. I absolutely suggest it to anyone, regardless of cup or body size. I am severely asymmetrical and have never found a bra that fits as well as this. I don’t want to take it off! To make it even better, the bra does not move throughout the day - whether school, work, running errands, etc. - it stays perfectly in place throughout. It will be your boobs (and back) new best friend.
— Savannah

Share with us how you like to wear your Meer bra! Maybe you hiked rim to rim in the Grand Canyon in a Meer bra? Or aced a final in one? Did you tackle a tough bouldering problem with one? Or maybe you found your new best friend in one? No matter what your story, we want to hear it!

Send us a message at hello@meerbra.com. Really, do it!

Adriana Arispe