Global shipping bites

Global Shipping

Not-So Fun Fact: As Americans, almost all of our clothes travel 6,000+ miles across the Pacific Ocean before arriving at the front door.

Almost all of today's major apparel companies go to Asia for manufacturing. China. Thailand. South Korea. Vietnam. Indonesia. The Philippines. Malaysia. And a bunch of other countries halfway around the world. The long journey to the US is a major contributor to green house gas emissions, wildlife death, oil spills, gray and black water contamination, and the spread of dangerous, invasive biological contaminants - including viruses, bacteria, and animals.

Every ship takes on ballast and bilge water at sea. Between loading of cargo, overseas travel, and unloading, ballast is discharged and refilled constantly. Each time, the contaminants are released at a new location, meaning any local outbreak can become a global disaster overnight - literally! Let's reduce our global footprint by purchasing responsibly manufactured and shipped goods.

Matt DeIulio