It's all about fit.


Why accept fashion industry norms that provide form without function? Why accept pain caused by poorly fitting clothing and bad posture? Why allow industry stagnation to compromise your life? It is time for a change. We are working tirelessly to break molds, revolutionize fit, and put clothing to work for you. After all, we're just like you and demand the best! Using inventive processes we create fresh, functional products.

The women who have tried our prototypes have validated our concepts and ideas. Early wearer feedback was WAYY better than we could have imagined - raving about amazing non-underwire support, unrivaled comfort and adjustability for all day use, and cute style. 

Unbelievable! Really amazing fit and feel.
More support than any of my other bras
I’m in love already. I can’t wait to get mine!
I’m going to buy 12. I’m not kidding
I’m planning on sleeping in it tonight!
If I had four Meer Bras I wouldn’t need any of my other bras. Except strapless.
There was nothing itching, scratching, or digging in to me... I love it!
The bra by Meer: Fit is Everything
Matt DeIulio