Designed to take a weight off your shoulders. From Mondays in the office to Sundays with friends. We've combined patent-pending technology and design to create a garment experience that allows you to focus on what's important.


Support Without Underwire

Underwires can be uncomfortable and restrictive. Meer Bras allow freedom of movement and stretch with more support than the typical underwire bra. Through shape and design, forces on the bra are used synergistically to balance the body's biomechanics. Said simply, Meer Bras are supportive, yet barely there! 



Machine Washable & Built to Last

While odor-eating technology allows for repeated use without washing, even the best bras need a good cleaning. Throw the bra in the wash. Hassle free. Our fabric is patterned using the latest technology in textiles to ensure you look your best every time.



Patent-Pending Design

Our bra was conceived, designed, and built to reduce shoulder, back, and neck pain which come along with the modern life style. Unlike traditional bras that apply weight directly on your shoulders, Meer uses patent-pending technology to synergistically route forces around the body to reduce shoulder fatigue and strain.