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Meet Dr. Reinlie, Our Soft Tissue Guru

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Reinlie at his practice, Next Level Chiropractic and Rehab in Austin, Texas. We are incredibly proud of the support of Dr. Reinlie and are excited to share his thoughts with you on overall health and the Meer Bra.


Better Center of Gravity with Meer

Normal bras compress. The Meer Bra instead rebalances the body to take a weight off your shoulders.

Dr. Reinlie explains, "Something that's unique about the Meer Bra is the support structure. We have support (like a standard bra) over the shoulders, and then we have support underneath, which is unusual – no bras do that. What's really cool and innovative about that is you're getting 360 degrees of support when you're trying to lift the breasts... a little bit upwards, and at the same time being guided – in terms of their center of mass – backwards towards the middle of the thorax, kind of inside of your sternum. Which is very, very cool to me from a posture standpoint."


Fluid Posture and Adjustability

In this video, Dr. Reinlie discusses the benefits of fluid posture to subtly create proper alignment and body awareness.

“Most bras, as women probably know, are pretty rigid – you get maybe 2 options. We live in a world of choice, which is pretty cool about this bra. You have ample ways to manipulate and change the bra if you want more tension up on the shoulders, if you want more lift and support from underneath. It’s kind of like a ‘Pick Your Own Adventure’ book. I think that’s something that’s really unique here – the Meer Bra offers so many different options, and it’s suited in such a way that it’s trying to match your style and your life.”


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