When it comes to our gear, we’re kind of obsessed with quality and comfort. Which is why we follow one simple tenant: Build a comfortable, supportive bra that allows you to pursue your passions, no compromise. 


Odor-Killing + Moisture-Wicking

Finished with 100% safe and effective anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal treatment, the Meer Bra prevents buildup of odor and harmful bacteria while providing amazing softness and breathability. 



4-Way Stretch + 4-Way Adjustment

Low profile 4-way stretch allows for true body contouring, reducing bra visibility. Unique 4-way adjustment allows for perfect customization. No matter what activity you have planned - you're covered. Adjust tension, support, and configuration on the go, anytime, anywhere.



Recycled Materials + Environmentally Focused

We use recycled materials in our fabrics to reduce waste from plastic bottles, decrease reliance on fossil fuels and petrochemicals, and foster a global community dedicated to sustainability. In doing so we join the growing global community of companies minimizing environmental impact and reducing footprint size.