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How do I find my size?

Check out our Sizing Chart.

Our bra is built unlike any other you'll find so be sure to double check your measurements (just to be safe). If you think you might be right between sizes we recommend sizing down if you are a D cup or smaller and sizing up if you are a DD cup or larger. Our sizes are built to overlap slightly so you should be okay either way!


The Sizing page says I'm a Medium but I typically order a Large. What should I do?

Get the Medium. The Meer Bra is truly unique in design and adjustability. With smart design, you can adjust the size of the Meer Bra by more than 5 inches without compromising its feel or functionality.


Does the Meer Bra really provide the same support as an underwire bra?

Yes, it does. And the best part is NO underwires! We spent 12 months designing the Meer Bra from scratch. Unlike underwire bras which pull from the top, we built the Meer Bra with adjustable X-straps which gently support the weight of your girls by providing amazing support from below. This means less weight is put directly on your shoulders. So literally, you'll feel total support and a weight off your shoulders at the same time.


Who is the Meer Bra for?

Everyone! From big-busted ladies to small-figured petites, the Meer Bra has you covered.

No matter what size or shape, if you can find your measurements on our size chart you'll absolutely love the Meer Bra. And if you can't find your measurements, sit tight. We're working tirelessly every day to expand our sizes. In the meantime, sign up for emails to get the latest new sizes in stock.

We built the Meer Bra for all shapes and sizes. Our CEO is a DD and couldn't find a bra that fit. Underwire bras, sports bras, bralettes, racer backs...nothing fit just right. So we designed the Meer Bra. Turns out a lot of women share the same frustration finding a functional, comfortable bra. No more! Say hello to Meer.


How is the Meer Bra different from a racerback bra?

Great question. Even though racerbacks might look like they have an X design, the rear straps are all connected together. Meaning the straps are not working independently to provide support by pulling around the body. Instead, they put weight on your shoulders just like traditional bras. The Meer Bra is designed by an engineer to lift from below. That means much less weight is on your shoulders with even more support.


Does the Meer Bra help with asymmetrical boobs?

We get this question a lot and the simple answer is yes!

Asymmetry occurs when one boob is bigger than the other. Because you can individually adjust each side of the Meer Bra, you can individually adjust the support for each boob. One of our early testers has a full cup size asymmetry and told us she felt balanced for the first time in her life while wearing the Meer Bra. Woo-hoo!


How do I put on the Meer Bra?

Just loosen the X-straps in the back and pull the bra over your shoulders. After you get the Meer Bra in the right place just tighten the X-strap and you're good to go.

How much support you get is totally up to you. Dial in your perfect fit by tightening the X-straps. Or loosen to enjoy relaxed bliss. Adjust the X-straps as the day goes on.

We like to run and work out with our X-straps tight and lounge around the house with the X-straps relaxed. That's the best thing about the Meer Bra - you can dial in your fit anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Period.


I like a little extra padding. Can I use cups?

Yes. Cup slots allow you to easily insert our included cups (or your own) for added support. We highly recommend washing the bra with the cups removed.


Can I sleep in the Meer Bra?

Totally. We do it all the time. But be sure to loosen the straps... gravity isn't so bad when you're lying down!


What is the Meer Bra made of?

We use a soft polyester-elastane fiber blend similar to other top quality brands. The Meer Bra is made using 100% recycled post consumer polyester. Learn More


Are your fabrics really made from recycled water bottles?

Yes. We use recycled material known as RPET which uses far less energy and water with a reduced emissions footprint as compared to regular polyester fabrics. Using recycled materials just makes sense. We keep plastic bottles out of landfills and reduce oil dependence. This bra looks great, feels amazing, and allows you to do amazing things for the environment. It's a total win-win.


Does Meer Bra really resist odor?

Yep, it does.

We learned just how odor resistant on a recent backpacking trip.  30-miles on foot, two days, 105 degree heat through the Grand Canyon and still our Meer Bras smelled as fresh as when we first put them on. For real! 

Our socks?? Ewwww. They were a totally different story - yuck!


Who are you?

We're ordinary, everyday people tired of limited options and big brands pedaling the same outdated designs year after year without functional innovation. We believe clothing should be fashionable and functional. Period.

We got our start working for big retailers. What we saw with those big companies was totally depressing. Rather than pushing the limits of technical design and working to create a better experience for customers, big retailers focus on the wrong things. 

Our CEO hails from the retail world with an MBA from the University of Texas. She has extensive experience in retail, supply chain management, marketing, web design, and fashion. Our COO is an intellectual property expert with a background in mechanical engineering and design. The rest of the Meer team focuses on manufacturing, textile research and procurement, and order fulfillment and distribution.


I love the functionality of the Meer Bra. Do you offer Meer Pants?

Stay tuned, we're working on them. We're passionate about getting things just right before we release them. That's why we're still working on our pants, to make sure they're not only cute, but the most functional pants on the market. Sign up for emails to stay up to date on our secret yoga pants project. 

We've also got a few other tricks up our sleeves - so stay tuned.


Do I save if I get two or three Meer Bras at a time?

Yes, get two Meer Bras for less than the price of one bra at other companies. Like seriously, $98 for one poorly designed, ugly sports bra is ridiculous... At Meer we think you should get more for less, not the other way around.

Mix and match styles or get multiple bras with the same style. It's totally your choice!

$95 for two bras. $135 for three bras. (Excludes sale items.) The savings will be applied automatically when you check out.


When will my order ship?

Orders shipped via USPS First Class Mail typically take 3-5 business days to arrive. Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail typically take 1-2 business days to arrive.

Shipping times kick in when your item(s) have left our distribution center. Please allow for 1-2 business days for processing at our distribution center before your order is shipped.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we don't ship internationally at this time. We are working to expand outside the US and will update you on changes, so subscribe to our newsletter.


What's your return policy?

Our bras are exchangeable or returnable for refund within 30 days, as long as the tags are still attached and the bra is unworn and unwashed. All sales of Gift cards and items marked as Sale are final. FINAL SALE items cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds. Learn More

If you would like to expedite your exchange, we recommend placing a new order and simply returning your original one.

If the bra you want to receive next is at a different price point than the bra you are sending back, we will refund the bra coming back to us after we receive it, then you would just place a new order on our website.

Original shipping charges are not refundable.


Where are you located?

We are located in the great metropolis of Austin, Texas. Born and Raised in Austin is our motto (err, okay not really but it's true - our CEO is an Austin lifer!)


Are you on social media?

Of course. Links to our accounts are at the bottom of every page. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest from Meer.