6 reasons to throw out your other bras

Tired of nagging aches and pain? The Meer Bra is endorsed by a leading chiropractor to reduce pain caused by modern life. Hear from Dr. Stephen Reinlie how the Meer Bra can help with back and neck pain. (He's our personal soft tissue guru)
We designed the Meer Bra to have the lift and support of underwire bras with the comfort of sports bras. Underwire bras lifts by pulling down on your shoulders. The Meer Bra lifts from above (blue arrow) and below (red arrow) creating underwire-like lift without the underwire. Learn more.
The Meer Bra hugs your body and stays in the perfect location at all times. Buttery four-way stretch fabric contours to every part of your body while unique straps provide gentle support you can count on all day long.

One-of-a-kind adjustable straps work with you to make your day easier and more enjoyable. There's no more excuse to not conquer every day! Tighten the rear straps for extra support / loosen for relaxing. It's easy!
Uneven boob problems? We hear you. Science says that 99% of women have noticeable size differences between their boobs. That's crazy. The Meer Bra is lightyears ahead of the competition when it comes to uneven boobs. Our secret is simple - the rear straps of the Meer Bra adjust separately, meaning you can loosen one side and tighten the other to give the same look and feel to both ladies.
Every day over 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away by Americans, amounting to over 19,000,000,000 plastic bottles ending up in US landfills each year. We use fabric constructed from sustainably recycled water bottles – so you can feel your best while practicing good environmental sustainability. Learn more.
Meer is a local Austin, Texas company founded by two regular people tired of outdated bra designs. After 12 months designing and perfecting the initial idea, Meer was born. So far women are loving the bra! But don't take our word, hear from women just like you.