Hassle Free

Keep your head in the game, and not on your bra. Designed with you in mind, from double stitched seams and hidden secondary stitching to fabrics and materials built to last.

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The bra by Meer: Shoulder strap

Built to last

Ever have a favorite go-to bra that lost its luster too soon? At Meer, quality is key. Double stitched seams, hidden secondary stitching, and unnoticeable, reinforced design means you won't have to throw out your new favorite bra anytime soon.

To ensure absolute quality, we are finalizing an extended wear test to make sure the bra looks, feels, and functions as good after 100 washes as the first wash.


Machine washable

Forget bra bags. Just throw the bra in the wash, hassle free. Without clasps, hooks, or traditional fasteners that can get caught in the machine, the Meer Bra is designed not to snag, keeping your clothes looking new wear after wear.

In a rush? Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. Or, cold wash and air dry if you want to show the earth a little love. This will also help to protect the life of the fabric and the shape of your bra.

The Bra by Meer: Rosewood

Protect against itch and irritation

When it comes to our gear, we’re kind of obsessed with quality and comfort. Some fabrics become itchy and uncomfortable as a result of fabric fading and treatments washing out over time. But not ours. We only use fabrics that remain smooth on the body from the first wear to the last, empowering you to always look and feel your best. Plus, without clasps or irritating edges to bind or rub against the skin, the Meer Bra works for you, yet feels barely there.

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