Patent-Pending Design

At Meer, we set out to reinvent clothing in a thoughtful way, reimagining fit so you can spend more time doing what you love.



The Meer Bra is designed and built with patent-pending technology to enhance posture; reduce shoulder, back, and neck pain; and balance the natural biomechanical loading of the body for long term comfort and support.

Unlike traditional bras that apply downward pressure on the shoulders, the Meer Bra uses patent-pending technology to redirect forces around the body, moving the body's natural center of gravity inward and reducing shoulder fatigue and strain. By repositioning the shoulders into a neutral, weightless position our bra allows the body to better compensate for biomechanical imbalance. What does this mean for you? Greater freedom and mobility without compromise.

Meer bra - handstand gif

IP Experience

Meer is always searching for new ways to provide the most technologically advanced clothing possible. That's why our team includes intellectual property leadership which continuously reviews the latest technological advances in the industry and finds ways to improve on existing designs and materials, allowing you to freely pursue your passions without worry.