Founded in 2016 and based in Austin, Texas, Meer designs clothing for all day living, morning-to-night, night-to-morning, and everywhere in between.

Tired of nagging back pain from years sitting behind desks and unsatisfied with existing products on the market, Meer's founders set out to create a practical product which could help reduce pain without compromising fashion. Early on it was apparent that the key problem with existing posture products is the limited time wearers actually spend wearing them. Sure, you might wear something to help your achy neck at night when you're sitting at home, but what about those other 12 hours a day when you're at work or school, in the car, or on the go? Between bulky shoulder straps, rigid body wraps, and unflattering styles, existing products just didn't pass muster. So we decided to take action.

After nearly 12 months spent designing, sourcing, prototyping, sampling, testing, and refining our original idea the Meer Bra was born. Here are a few key advantages of the Meer Bra (and we're literally finding more all the time):

  1. Amazing Support - by uniquely channeling force vectors, the Meer Bra is able to provide support unrivaled in the non-underwire arena.
  2. Asymmetric Breasts - loosening only one of the X-straps of the Meer Bra allows asymmetrical adjustment which allows custom fit for asymmetric breasts.
  3. Work and Play - built for comfort, style and performance, wear the Meer Bra to work, to work out, and everywhere in-between. Material blends and natural treatments help reduce the buildup of odor, while soft material stays comfortable all day long.
  4. Recycled Materials - using non-virgin materials where possible reduces the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfills.
  5. Doctor Endorsed - with posture enhancing design the Meer Bra is doctor backed to help reduce forward slouching caused by the weight of boobies.
  6. Price - not many bras even attempt the functionality of the Meer Bra. And those that do are always more expensive than two Meer Bras combined!
  7. Adjustable Size - because of its unique design you can dial up size for anything, anytime. Tighten the X-straps for maximum support and comfort. Loosen at home, at the movies or after a big lunch. With Meer Bra you dial up your fit anytime, anywhere.


The Meer Bra will initially be available only through our pre-order system.

We chose pre-order for our launch to eliminate the need for outside investment and to keep Meer our own special brand of Austin-inspired weird. We would rather grow from the ground up than be told what to do from the top down.

Besides, building inventory requires investors and investors require money - meaning the more inventory we create the more expensive we have to price our bras. Instead, we decided to raise money in a more sustainable way that allows for a reasonably priced product. Give us time -- we'll be ready to ship these puppies upon order with no additional costs by the end of the year. But why wait until then, right!