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We use 100% recycled materials

Your clothes tell a story. The story of every Meer Bra begins with 5 plastic water bottles. That's the number of plastic water bottles saved from landfills by every Meer Bra.

Over 60 million plastic water bottles end up in American landfills every day. Globally, we throw away over 1 million plastic bottles every minute. And those numbers are only rising.

Meer aims to reduce those numbers 5 plastic water bottles at a time. With super-soft fabric made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles, Meer empowers you to feel your best while doing your best.

To date we've kept tens of thousands of plastic water bottles from landfills, all to the happy faces of Meer lovers everywhere. Join us in fostering a sustainable lifestyle that feels good and does good at the same time.

 Environmental benefits of recycled polyester versus virgin

Not only does the use of recycled water bottles directly reduce the stress on landfills every year, recycling is shown to reduce water and energy consumption while generating fewer harmful emissions as compared to production of virgin fibers.

Finished with all natural environmentally friendly, odor fighting treatment, Meer Bras let you work up a sweat without worrying about odor buildup or harmful chemicals. Certified by independent testing facility Oeko-Tex, Meer fabrics are certified free of heavy metals, pesticides, caricongenic substances (like formaldehyde), and toxic dyes.