Raisin' The Bar

Raisin' The Bar


2 bras for $95  |  3 bras for $125

Feels like a sports bra. Works better than underwire. The Meer Bra allows you to choose your level of support and lift at any moment – never restricting and always working with your body.

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Includes removable cups. Our fabric is made from recycled water bottles (88% RPET, 12% spandex). Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. True to size. Questions about fit? Email hello@meerbra.com.


Orders are shipped via USPS and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive. Don't worry, though, these bad boys are definitely worth the wait. Your boobies will thank you wholeheartedly!




Average 4.9 / 5 stars

34DD | Size: S

5 Stars
When I first saw this bra come up in my Facebook newsfeed I clicked. Why? I was tired of other companies bras that cost a fortune and last very little time. Was I skeptical? Yes. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a go! This bra is seriously the most comfortable item I’ve ever worn. Now, I’m not one of those girls that takes their bra off when I get home. I always sleep in my bras (just more comfortable for me) but I feel like I am wearing nothing. This bra has made a huge difference in my life. No bulge ANYWHERE. I recommend to anyone who has had issues with expensive bras that don’t live up to their expectations!

38C | Size: L

5 Stars
I'm extremely skeptical when it comes to new bras - I hate underwires, but have yet to find a really great bra without one (or with one for that fact - I really freaking hate bras!) I usually end up buying something really cheap so that I don't feel as bad when it needs to be replaced in 3 months. It's been 3 days wearing my Meer bra, and I think it's official - I'm in love. I was a little worried about the weight of it - it's definitely heavier than other wireless bras, and I felt it for a few hours on my first wear. But today I am about halfway through my workday and realized I haven't noticed the bra at all - it's like it's invisible! I like that the removable pads don't slide around and get bunched up (disclaimer: I haven't yet washed it, so I don't know how they'll hold up in there.) I'm also really looking forward to the fact that it's machine washable!!

32C | Size: S

5 Stars
I absolutely love my Meer Bra. I have 3 and they are all I ever wear (unless I'm forced to wear a strapless - PLEASE make a Meer strapless!!). It feels like wearing a comfy stretchy sports bra all day long, but honestly is a miracle worker at making my boobs look good. I have always felt like I have no boobs and this mythical cleavage was never going to happen. I don't know how this bra does it, but without any push-up and just the cup lining, It looks awesome. I found the sizing chart super true to size too. Also, I highly recommend playing with the straps to see how tight or loose you want them!

32C | Size: S

5 Stars
Love love love my meer bra it's comfy, practical, and it looks super good!

38DD | Size: L

5 Stars
Words cannot express how much I love my Meer Bras. I am a bigger girl, so bras are always a must for me, even in sleep. The constant pain and strain on my neck, back and shoulders is a fact of life, however after wearing the bra for a bit, the pain/strain from underwire and other sports bras is 100x better with Meer Bra. One thing I noticed very quickly is that the support was not coming from the shoulder straps (no more strap marks plus nothing digging into my skin!!!!) and I felt they were there more for familiarity vs necessity. One of the many things I love about this bra is how adjustable it is. I can make it more comfortable for sleep or I can make it tighter for daytime and even exercise (I no longer need to wear a bra and sports bra which is in itself a miracle).

34B | Size: S

5 Stars
Love my Meer Bra. I haven't been wearing anything else. It's so comfortable and supportive. The fabric and design allows me to transition from work to yoga class without having to put put a sports bra on. It's a bra you can wear for 15 hours and get home and not have to immediately take off. Looking forward to ordering some more colors!

34C | Size: S

5 Stars
My Meer bras are so comfortable. I can wear them all day long and not even notice it. My trick to take it off is to do a forward bend and just let it put off of my shoulders and back. So easy. I'm throwing all my underwire bras away. Thank you Meer!!!

30DD | Size: XS

5 Stars
I could not rave about this bra more. I absolutely suggest it to anyone, regardless of cup or body size. I am severely asymmetrical and have never found a bra that fits as well as this. I don't want to take it off! To make it even better, the bra does not move throughout the day - whether school, work, running errands, etc. - it stays perfectly in place throughout. It will be your boobs (and back) new best friend.

36D | Size: M

5 Stars
In love! My only question after trying this bra was why it took someone so long to create it! My previous bras were from Third Love, and while I found them comfortable I also felt like I was wearing something my grandmother would wear. Plus, I couldn't work out in it- which was really inconvenient. This bra does everything- comfort, support, and style! I'll be buying more!

34C | Size: L

4 Stars
I have not worn a bra in about a year. I'm free. But when I do have to wear a bra I hate it because my straps always end up falling down. With Meer Bra I never have to worry they are going to fall and I can rock my outfit like a Queen! I ordered two for me and one for my mother and the prints and material are so soft and beautiful. Meer Bra customer service is also fast and super friendly and understanding.

34C | Size: M

5 Stars
Fits amazing! I love it!!!!!



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