Serious Support & Comfort


We've tested and double checked every detail so you can spend your time pursuing your passion. From fit to fashion, our goal is to provide a perfect accompaniment to your life.

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The bra by Meer: Front view

Support without underwire

Underwires are uncomfortable and restrict movement. With the Meer Bra you get underwire-like support without any underwire. Plus total freedom of movement at all times.

Center of Gravity

Our bodies all have a natural center of gravity that's changing all the time. Lean forward and it moves forward. Lean back and it moves backward. The bigger your boobies, the further your center of gravity is naturally tilted forward. This can cause serious aches and pains. Learn more.

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

The Meer Bra harnesses your body's own shape to provide incredible support. Our exclusive design gently lifts and supports from around your body. Adjustable rear straps mean you can adjust how much support you get. This means you get underwire-like support without constant tugging at your shoulders.

TL;DR: This isn't your mother's bra! The Meer Bra is designed with you in mind. End result… a weight off your shoulders.

Lift you can count on

Our unique design provides superior support and comfort compared to traditional underwire and sports bras, allowing you to keep your head in the game (and not on your bra).

Our Unique Rear Straps

The Meer Bra features a unique, adjustable X-shaped rear strap system that supports the weight of your tatas by moving your center of gravity backward toward your spine. Put the Meer Bra on loose and tighten the straps until you reach your level of comfort. Tighten more for extra security, lift, and support or loosen when at home watching a movie. The Meer Bra is designed to fit your lifestyle.

Extra Lift

We didn't design the bra with the hopes of providing underwire-type lift, but one thing is definitely clear – this bra has amazing lift! Turns out that moving your center of gravity backwards makes it easier for you to much more naturally get underwire-like lift by standing with better upright posture. Through the power of vector resultants, our shoulder straps provide gentle lift, support, and comfortable feel.

TL;DR: The Meer Bra allows you to dial in your bra and say goodbye to the threat of gravity.


Adjustable support

Want to wear the same bra at the gym and work or school? Most bras can't keep up, but ours can! With the Meer Bra you can fully customize your support and lift. Tighten the rear strap system for lift and support or loosen for total gym domination. Whatever your journey, dial in your experience exactly how you want it. After all, no two people are exactly alike and no two experiences are ever the same. Learn More


Long-lasting comfort

Focus on what matters to you and spend less time worrying about your gear. Just grab your Meer Bra, dial in your fit, and go for it. With super soft fabric and no underwires, you can literally wear this bra all day long. No poking, pulling, or prodding here. With a smooth inner layer you're comfortable from morning-to-night, night-to-morning, and everywhere between.

The bra by Meer: Removable Cups

Removable cups

The Meer Bra is all about you. In addition to 4-way adjustment, removable cups add shape and let you choose extra concealment (which can really be a lifesaver on those cool morning runs).